Annual Conference

Register for the Everyone Reading 2019 Annual Conference. Learn new strategies from noted experts in the field and experience the latest in teaching resources, technologies, schools and programs. The conference will take place on March 4 - 5, 2019 at the: CUNY Graduate Center 365 Fifth Ave. @ 34th Street, New York, NY

Upcoming Workshops

Everyone Reading provides professional development for educators in evidence-based approaches to direct instruction. We offer schools and teachers coaching, workshops and consultations in multisensory education to help students with dyslexia and related learning difficulties read, write and spell with competence.

After School Program

The Everyone Reading After-School Tutoring Program will take place once a week, on Tuesdays from November 2018 through May 2019, following the New York City Department of Education calendar. There will be two 45-minute sessions: Group 1 from 3:30 to 4:15; Group 2 from 4:30 to 5:15. Students will receive 45 minutes of explicit instruction.


Dyslexic but determined…and accommodated!


Everyone Reading is a wonderful and diverse group of people deeply committed to working together to change the lives of children and adults with dyslexia and related learning difficulties

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We provide tutoring services to children.

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Have fun while helping those in need.

Latest News

Annual Conference, Dyslexia, News, Reading Workshops

When everybody plays….

…we all win! That was the Microsoft Super Bowl commercial for their Xbox adaptive controller for children with disabilities. That is...

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Annual Conference, Dyslexia, Reading Workshops

Data, Data Everywhere

What information should we collect? About whom? By whom? Why are we collecting it? Is it descriptive or predictive? Who is analyzing it?...

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Annual Conference, Dyslexia, Reading Workshops

A Deeper Dive

I keep hearing about the value of “diving deeply” into a topic or activity. Next week’s IMSE (Institute of Multi-Sensory Education)...

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Annual Conference, Dyslexia, Reading Workshops

Silver Bullets

In the realm of magical thinking, education is a wonderland of silver bullets and miracle cures. Buy this! Do that! Your students will...

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Annual Conference, Dyslexia, Reading Workshops

Feeling Blue?

I would, too, if I were a child today. Standards are higher; school days are longer; homework is endless; free play is suspect; kiddie...

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Annual Conference, Dyslexia, News

What’s New at Everyone Reading

Lots going on at Everyone Reading! We have a new website and a new email server. Our transition has been smooth but not completely...

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Resolutions for 2019

First, do no harm! (Hippocratic Oath) Second, do not leave children back! (“There is no evidence, therefore, that holdovers make academic...

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Annual Conference, Dyslexia, News, Reading Workshops

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Vacation

At this very moment, the Grinch is creating those joy-killing Vacation Homework Packets. Don’t let him get the best of you. As your...

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Happy New Year!

I know this greeting is premature, but I can’t help telling you about a few of the things we have planned for 2019. First and foremost...

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Dyslexia, Reading Workshops

Listen Up!

A speech pathologist recently reminded me that, on any given day, about one third of the students in Grades K-2, can’t hear the teacher....

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