The Everyone Reading
50th Annual Conference

March 13 & 14, 2023 at the CUNY Graduate Center
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Upcoming Workshops

Everyone Reading provides professional development for educators in evidence-based approaches to direct instruction. We offer schools and teachers coaching, workshops and consultations in multisensory education to help students with dyslexia and related learning difficulties read, write and spell with competence.

Saturday Tutoring

for current 3rd graders born in 2014

Spring 2023 Tutoring

Applications for our Spring 2023 tutoring program, Catching Up and Getting Ahead, will be available December 2022. 

Adult Support Group

The Everyone Reading support group provides adults with dyslexia an opportunity to share experiences, successes, challenges and learning strategies. The group takes place on the second Tuesday of each month. 

Information & Referral Hotline

Our Information & Referral hotline provides a link between people who need services and those who can assist them. We answer your questions about dyslexia and related learning disabilities, along with referrals to professionals.

Ptahra passed the New York State Bar Exam! 

 Ptahra Jeppe with New York State Assembly Member JoAnne Simon, a tireless fighter for disability rights.

Everyone Reading Inc. hosts an Information & Referrals telephone and e-mail hotline contacted by individuals with specific learning disabilities, their families, professionals including educators and schools, primary care physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, attorneys, other non-profit organizations, and the media.  

The hotline provides professional information, support, and referrals to professionals based on geographic location and expertise.

We seek professionals with knowledge and experience along with certification/licensure in all fields providing services for those with specific learning disabilities.  For those providing instruction, we seek knowledge and experience in

Structured Literacy and Orton-Gillingham-based practice.  Click here to download our Application

Talking about Reading: A Conversation with Craig Selinger and Lavinia Mancuso

Approximately 32 million adults in the United States can’t read. How can we help?
Lavinia Mancuso, native New Yorker, teacher, principal, and currently Executive Director of Everyone Reading, joins us to discuss her favorite topic- literacy! She explains why students are still illiterate in the US, and how we can solve this problem.


Testimonial Video

Dyslexic but determined…and accommodated!

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Annual Conference, News, Reading Workshops

Giving Tuesday has come and gone

… and thanks to everyone who made a donation without even being asked. Of course, we love donations. We love participation even...

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Dyslexia, Reading Workshops

Demystifying Instruction

The more I visit schools and read education bulletins, the more I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Nothing is as it seems, and the simplest...

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Lessons from Notre Dame

Notre Dame has much to teach us about building codes and electrical shorts. We should also remember that the Cathedral was built as a...

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Dyslexia, Reading Workshops

How Did You Learn to Read?

I bet someone taught you: your teacher, your mom, your uncle, your neighbor, your big sister, Big Bird. Many people delude themselves into...

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Dyslexia, News, Reading Workshops

Reading and Mountain Climbing

The La Paz airport stocks stretchers and oxygen for people who collapse in the thin Andean air. Visitors to Machu Picchu are told to work...

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Annual Conference, Dyslexia, News, Reading Workshops

When everybody plays….

…we all win! That was the Microsoft Super Bowl commercial for their Xbox adaptive controller for children with disabilities. That is...

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Annual Conference, Dyslexia, Reading Workshops

Data, Data Everywhere

What information should we collect? About whom? By whom? Why are we collecting it? Is it descriptive or predictive? Who is analyzing it?...

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Annual Conference, Dyslexia, Reading Workshops

A Deeper Dive

I keep hearing about the value of “diving deeply” into a topic or activity. Next week’s IMSE (Institute of Multi-Sensory Education)...

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Annual Conference, Dyslexia, Reading Workshops

Silver Bullets

In the realm of magical thinking, education is a wonderland of silver bullets and miracle cures. Buy this! Do that! Your students will...

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Annual Conference, Dyslexia, Reading Workshops

Feeling Blue?

I would, too, if I were a child today. Standards are higher; school days are longer; homework is endless; free play is suspect; kiddie...

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