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We’re excited to kick off our professional development series with the three courses listed below. These courses are geared towards both teachers and parents in the spirit of the collaboration we need to help our students succeed. Please let us know if you have questions, and we can’t wait to see you on Zoom!


Structured Literacy: The Science of Reading for All Readers
Date/Time: Tuesday, October 10th at 6:30
Cost: $25
In this 90-minute session, participants will learn the skills students need to become skilled readers, including practical ways to implement these evidence-based methods in the classroom.

This session is ideal for teachers of K-2 students and any teacher with struggling readers in their classroom. Parents can also benefit by learning literacy-based terminology and strategies for support at home.

Register here: Structured Literacy: The Science of Reading for All Readers


Prescriptive Instruction: Using Assessments Strategically
Date/Time: Tuesday, October 24th at 6:30 p.m.
Cost: $25
If a child is struggling with phonics, is the issue really phonics – or do we need to go back and look at their phonemic awareness skills? If a student can’t comprehend, is it truly a comprehension issue, or do they struggle with word recognition or vocabulary? This 90-minute session looks deeply at how to use assessment to get to the root cause of our readers’ struggles to be able to provide them with targeted instruction that helps them soar. We’ll also talk about effective small grouping, as well as how to support our secondary students.

This session is ideal for parents, teachers, administrators, tutors, and anyone who wants to give students the most effective support in their literacy acquisition.

Register here: Prescriptive Instruction: Using Assessments Strategically

What about Writing?
Date/Time: Tuesday, November 14th at 6:30 p.m.
Cost: $25

Do your children struggle to transfer their reading skills into their writing? Do you struggle to fit writing lessons into an already-packed literacy block as a teacher? Parents, do you struggle to get your child to sit down and start an essay or writing piece? In this 90-minute session, we’ll explore the three main skills that are required for students to be effective writers, as well as how to develop these skills in an already full day (both in school and at home!)

Register here: What about Writing?

Are there other classes you’d like to see? Let us know by emailing Tamara at tamara.cella@everyonereading.org!

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