… and thanks to everyone who made a donation without even being asked.

Of course, we love donations. We love participation even more. Please join us at our conference and workshops. You will learn a lot, and we will make a little money.

The program for the 47th Everyone Reading Conference on Dyslexia and Related Learning Disabilities will be done by next week. Wait till you see the speakers and panelists and exhibitors. I can’t believe that we will have so many experts in one place at one time.  Our focus, as always, will be on the types of instruction and intervention that make a difference in all students’ learning.

Our workshops and courses provide a “deeper dive” into foundational skills. Our keynote speaker, Anita Archer,  cites research indicating that kids who seem to be struggling at the comprehension level are often really struggling at the word level. They cannot read the words, and/or they do not know what they mean.  They need to build or rebuild the foundation of their reading skills.

Come as often as you can. We are in this endeavor together. We would like to get to know you better.

The 47th Everyone Reading Conference on Dyslexia and Related Learning Disabilities will take place February 3 and 4, 2020 (a month earlier than usual), at the CUNY Graduate Center on Fifth Avenue at 34th Street. Anita Archer and Nonie Lesaux will be our keynote speakers. Linnea Ehri will be our honoree. We will have 70+ sessions on such diverse topics as neuroscience and phonological awareness. Something for everyone! Catch the early bird rate and/or one of the many discounts. Payment may be made by credit card, check or purchase order. Please contact me if you would like to present, become a sponsor, take an exhibition table and/or place an ad in our conference brochure.



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