I keep hearing about the value of “diving deeply” into a topic or activity. Next week’s IMSE (Institute of Multi-Sensory Education) institute surely qualifies as a deep dive into the phonology of English.

After four long days of hands-on, interactive and personalized training in IMSE’s enhanced Orton-Gillingham method, participants will have an in-depth understanding of the structure and foundation of the English language, an awareness of how to assess and teach students with dyslexia as well as students on all three RtI tiers. Participants will have the skills and materials to start to evaluate and teach phonological skills, phonics/word recognition, spelling, writing, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. They will also have such a thorough grounding in the foundations of English literacy that they will be able to learn and implement any of the myriad commercial phonics programs.

Yes, Virginia, the English alphabet still has only 26 letters, to be matched with 44 phonemes in approximately 250 spelling combinations. If you want more complications, you will have to choose another language.

For those who would prefer to snorkel closer to the surface of the latest, and often the oldest, news in literacy, learning disabilities, social emotional learning, assistive technology, and/or the neuro-scientific implications of all the above, please join us at the 46th Everyone Reading Conference on Dyslexia and Related Learning Disabilities, March 4 and 5, 2019 at the CUNY Graduate Center. Click here to see the program

Register for both events as well as these others through the Everyone Reading website or the Register Now button below.

  • IMSE Institutes February 18-21 OR April 1-5 OR July 8-12 OR August 5-9
  • Anita Archer on March 9
  • Tell Me about It: Oral Language Development through Phonological Awareness, Visual Literacy and Story Telling- April 24 and 25 NOTE CHANGE OF DATE (ASPDP P Credit Course)
  • Kendore Multi-Sensory Strategies for the Classroom on May 4
  • SRSD (Self-Regulated Strategy Development) Writing Workshop – May 15 and 16

All Everyone Reading events are approved for New York State Education Department CTLE (Continuing Teacher and Leader Education) hours.

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