Dyslexia to remain as diagnostic term in DSM V

The public has spoken and dyslexia remains a diagnostic term in the DSM V code book.

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UPDATE ON MAY 25th Post recapped below:

Psychologists use DSM codes to diagnose conditions.The upcoming version of the code book, DSM-5, had changed the definition and title of 315.00 Reading Disorder to 315.00 Dyslexia but within the last month, they changed it so that dyslexia no longer has a diagnostic code of its own.

The description will read as follows:
Learning Disorder has been changed to Specific Learning Disorder and the previous types of Learning Disorder (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Disorder of Written Expression) are no longer being recommended.

DSM-5 is open for public comment and feedback from now until June 15.  Send an email today to DSM5@psych.org insisting they change 315.00 to Dyslexia as they had it listed in the fall.