Amazon Kindle e-readers distributed to schools despite being inaccessible for students with print disabilities

Everyone Reading, a founding member of the Reading Rights Coalition, protests  Amazon widespread distribution of Kindle e-books to K-12 schools because of the absence of text-to-speech technology that would make the e-readers accessibile to students with print disabilities. School districts have an obligation under federal law to purchase or deploy only accessible technology and content, Amazon must either make Kindle e-books accessible or cease and desist from its efforts to have them used in the classroom.

The National Federation of the Blind is holding an informational picket at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, WA, today, December 12th, and you can raise your voice too in the following ways:

  • Tweet your dissent and include the following hashtags:¬† #KindleBooks4All, #Amazon #AmazonKindle #ebooks and Twitter handles: @Amazon, @AmazonKindle

Learn more about the actions being taken to give equal access to e-reader technology to people with print disabilities.

Read the Department of Education’s FAQ on the prohibition of purchasing inaccessible technology.