Advocacy Spotlight

Everyone Reading has joined Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Coalition in Support of Legislation for New Yorkers with Special Needs.

You can take action and spread the word too. Visit the Justice Center For the Protection of People with Special Needs:

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• Support the Governor’s proposal online through Twitter @NYGovCuomo and Facebook at “Governor Andrew Cuomo”
•Follow @NYGovCuomo, mention him in tweets using the #Justice4SpecialNeeds hashtag and
• Send emails to family and friends encouraging them to take action
•Send an email to your contact lists, friends & family and tell them to go to to take action
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Send any questions, ideas or concerns to:

Insist that dyslexia be added to the diagnosis codes in DSM-5 used by psychologists.

Psychologists use DSM codes to diagnose conditions.The upcoming version of the code book, DSM-5, had changed the definition and title of 315.00 Reading Disorder to 315.00 Dyslexia but within the last month, they changed it so that dyslexia no longer has a diagnostic code of its own.

The description will read as follows:
Learning Disorder has been changed to Specific Learning Disorder and the previous types of Learning Disorder (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Disorder of Written Expression) are no longer being recommended.

DSM-5 is open for public comment and feedback from now until June 15.  Send an email today to insisting they change 315.00 to Dyslexia as they had it listed in the fall.

Support the Dyslexia Bill in the New York State Assembly.

Everyone Reading is currently working with New York State Assembly Member James Brennan and other members of the Assembly to enact the Dyslexia Bill, an act to amend the education law relating to the certification or training of teachers, administrators and instructors in the area of dyslexia and related learning disabilities. The bill would require school districts to diagnose students with dyslexia and related learning disabilities and provide such students with teachers trained to instruct students with dyslexia.

We need your support to pass the Dyslexia Bill.  Please write, email, or call  your Assembly Member and ask her/him to co-sponsor and vote in favor of Bill A09940.

Find your Assembly Member

To contact the Assembly Public Information Department: Phone (518) 455-4218, or visit

Legalize Dyslexia

The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity, run by Dr. Sally Shaywitz, has started an on-line petition that states:

We support a much-needed Bill of Rights for Dyslexic Children and Adults that affirms the following:* Dyslexia is real: schools must accept the diagnosis of dyslexia
* Dyslexia is a Clinical Diagnosis
* Diagnosis/Identification reflects that it is an unexpected difficulty
* Dyslexia is persistent, no need to retest after high school
* Accommodations required so that high stakes tests assess ability and not disability
* High stakes tests must be reliable, valid and accessible to dyslexic children and adults

If you agree, then go to their website and sign that on-line petition.