Free After-School Group Tutoring Program

The Everyone Reading After-School Tutoring Program will take place once a week from November 2017 to May 2018.  STUDENTS MUST BE CURRENTLY IN THIRD GRADE AND BORN IN 2009.  Each selected student will have 50 minutes of small-group tutoring each session in phonics and fluency. The program will not address vocabulary development or comprehension.

Enrolling in the Everyone Reading after-school program requires a major commitment on the part of the student and the student’s parent or guardian.  The program will take place at Everyone Reading, 30 Broad Street, Suite 402, New York, NY 10004.  No transportation or refreshments will be provided.  Students MUST attend all sessions.  Absence will be cause for dismissal.

There will be two tutoring groups of six students each: Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:20pm; and Tuesday from 4:30 to 5:20pm. 

To be sure that this program is the most appropriate one for each student, we will screen applicants and select those who will benefit most.  Based on the screening, children will be placed in appropriate groups. 

To request and application, please contact Laura Guerrero,  She will send you an application and schedule a screening.

Other options:

If your child was born before 2009 or is in a grade higher than 3rd, we suggest looking into assistive technology, which might help. Assistive Technology (AT) is an umbrella term that refers to any device or tool that can help a student compensate for difficulties in completing activities. AT can mitigate weaknesses in a child’s learning by providing alternative methods of task completion and information processing. AT can help a child meet his or her individualized needs. There many forms of AT that are designed to address a wide variety of learning and developmental challenges. Should you have any questions about AT, you can always contact Mark Surabian. He is the expert on AT and a very nice guy. He is always willing to give some really good advice:

Mark Surabian, Assistive Technology Consultant