Who We Are

Reading is a critical link to success. Everyone Reading advances the lives of children and adults with dyslexia and related learning disabilities by providing the resources they need to learn to become successful readers, writers and spellers.

Everyone Reading, Inc. was first created 40 years ago by a group of concerned parents and educators; since then the organization has grown its program and administrative capacity, becoming recognized both as a provider of quality professional development services and as the go-to resource for parents, adults and professionals seeking guidance and supports in dyslexia and related learning disabilities.

We have a keen understanding of the needs of students who face moderate through significant difficulties mastering the basic and higher-level literacy skills that are critical to academic success. Everyone Reading has a long history providing direct tutoring to students and constructive supports for parents, families and adults with LD.

Everyone Reading strives to lessen, and eventually eliminate, the stigma associated with dyslexia and LD. We also work to demonstrate to the community that dyslexia and LD can affect anyone–including people with average and above-average intelligence.

What We Do

As the leading resource for dyslexia and related learning disabilities, Everyone Reading instructs educators, tutors children and supports parents. We provide professional development, information, tools, support and research.  By serving a diverse group, Everyone Reading:

  • Provides educators expert, hands on professional development in multisensory learning. All instructional approaches align with the National Reading Panel findings and the most current research in literacy instruction
  • Supports parents through workshops and referral services
  • Facilitates learning among children with referral services and tutoring programs that improve reading proficiency
  • Advocates to improve educational systems and to enact legislation on behalf of people with dyslexia and related learning disabilities